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Guess who's back...back again...

We are BACK after a brief, okay long…okay very long…hiatus.

Let me explain.

Things got busy. Excuse? No. I get that. But people say it takes about 21 repetitions of something to become habit. We’re on #5. So, I’m getting there.

BUT…some updates:

1 - Heads Up Health is getting ready for formal health professional product launch. We’re also looking for someone with a very particular set of GROWTH HACKER skills on the consumer side. Know anyone? LMK.

2 - The New Year happened. Like that’s not super exciting, everyone knows that…but last year was a RECORD BREAKING year for healthcare. And this year isn’t looking any different. Healthcare is still ripe for disruption. And us as the consumer are in the perfect place to facilitate this. (You’ll have to stay tuned for why).

3 - Yours truly scored a spot speaking on a TEDx stage. While it isn’t super big news, I’m excited to be in a spot to socialize the opportunity of the new age of healthcare consumerism. Coming March 20th.

4 - Sexy Healthcare will be getting a new look. I used this time to reevaluate what I’m doing, and what my goal is with this newsletter. Basically, I want to socialize even more, the opportunities for us as healthcare consumers. The age is upon us where I truly believe we’re ready to embrace DIY healthcare and data ownership and the industry is RIPE for new opportunities for us and our health. You’ll see more curated resources, more sharing from other prominent minds, and a new message from Sexy Healthcare.

That being said. Let’s dive into the FIRST newsletter of the NEW YEAR.

If you’re excited about what’s going on here, feel free to share out to the masses. Or even just your mom and dad :)

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Healthcare data isn’t sexy. It’s like the least sexy and probably most complicated thing you could talk about. But, it’s the foundation. Consumer (us) control and access over our own healthcare data is the foundation of the future of healthcare. We’re looking at why today.

At Heads Up Health we decided to revamp our consumer strategy. In a chat with our founder today, he wants to go all in here. Why? The opportunity is ripe for it. People are ready for control of their data. If last year didn’t catalyze it, I don’t know what did. But we are. We’re more open and willing to participate in data control. A really great consumer health optimizer advocate KatieTypeA created an incredible video of our offering for her audience. And this was the main reason why we made our new business decision. The world has been waiting a long time for a new empowered consumer. And this is that time. IT’S TTTIIIIIIIIME. (In a Bruce Buffer voice of course)

Now, while the above is an amazing yet a little far off (I’m waiting for the day my refrigerator zaps me while reaching for the pizza)… the data monitoring is here today, and so are our new preferences.

First of all, we’re pledging to prioritize our wellness and health over anything.

With seven in 10 Americans identifying the COVID-19 pandemic as the most worrisome threat of 2020 (followed by the state of the country’s political environment at 45%), it follows that 57% said health and wellness was their top focus area for 2021 (up from 51% last year).


Secondly, in a ‘due to COVID’ study, consumer preference and willingness to use technology and share the data it monitors is up. We want to be informed. We want to be empowered. And we want our healthcare providers to guide us in what it means. Here’s what Deloitte says 1

We want unlimited access and control of our health data, and want to use it to have a SAY in our care. This too will empower us to make decisions. Along with decision making it provides us with an aura of control. Why yes, I’d love to know that curly fries make my blood glucose SKYROKCET so I have quantitative proof on why to limit those. Here’s what Deloitte says again2

D2C healthcare is everywhere. There are tons of data sources. We have more choices than ever. But it throws a ton of info at us. And the true meaning of empowerment, is data PLUS insights…because a statistic is only good if you know how to act on it. Right?! But when we’re free to access our own health data from any source, we can then take to seeking out technology that will do that for us. This opens up one of the keys to our role in our own health…self-management.

So data access is step number 1 to self-management, which is a key factor in lessening the amount of visits due to recurrences of chronic conditions. Data access, educated, insights provided, empowered, self manage, partaking in preventive choices, less visits to the doc…less visits to the doc = less money spent from our pockets and less money spent on HEALTHCARE!

Now we’re throwing around the word ‘empowered’ a lot here. Why? Well because empowered = healthier. Anecdotal? Maybe. BUT what gets measured gets improved, right? That’s the basis behind any business strategy. I bet that when you learned to meticulously budget and manage you’re money, you find you have a little bit more at the end of the month :) Applause? I’ll wait.

And that’s all folks. It will take a minute for us all to be on the same page. Just as it will take a minute for regulation to make this possibility seamless. (But it’s coming.) And we’ll be right here to guide you through it!

Until next time…


If we’re not buds on Twitter, let’s change that… @nikkicohnbyrd


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All Deloitte data study statistics from