Welcome to Sexy Healthcare, where we’re literally making healthcare sexy again

If it ever was before (doubtful)

What if I was to tell you, the future of healthcare lies in OUR hands?

Yes, the big, harry, scary, monopolistic, masculine, and sometimes ridiculous world of healthcare.

No. It's not sexy, you're right. No it’s not simple. But yes, it’s worth it.

Why? I’ll tell you.

The COVID pandemic has let us know how fragile the system really was. Built on a house of administrative cards. Crumbling under the immense pressure of too many patients, too little resources, and not enough funding or quick ways to spark innovation...not to mention ways to pay for an illness that no health plan ever saw coming.

Let’s also look at the bigger picture.

Healthcare is nearly $4T, which is almost 18% of the US GDP. 2/3s of this spending can be attributed to preventable lifestyle causes. 

Also this:

The US ranks last in healthcare quality amongst 11 other wealthy nations...

While having the highest spending. By far. 

Essentially - “the U.S. fails to achieve better health outcomes than the other countries, and as shown in the earlier editions, the U.S. is last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency, and equity.” In other words: most expensive, yet worst in the developed world.” - Commonwealth Fund

Wtf is right.

We’ve been brought to believe that the only thing we can do is sit and wait for the government to change this. To make it better. To come and save us.

Newsflash, that’s not happening. Anytime soon anyway.

What you should know, and what is not made perfectly clear...is that the key to unlocking a better future for healthcare , is in our hands. You have the power.


You’re the consumer. You’re the user. Healthcare is used...for you.

That’s what this newsletter is about. Revealing our power to change the system. To make them listen to us. And if they can’t change the whole system , we can change the way we use it. To be smarter, more savvy healthcare consumers. Healthcare is the last thing you’d ever think is sexy...but why can’t it be? It’s a huge industry just like any other, with more personal implications on our part than anyone really realizes. It can be like any other industry...like fashion for example...that asks the consumers what they want…then they give it to them. 

So why me? Why do I care and why do I want to help you care…

Well, 5 years ago this was me. 60+ pounds heavier than I am now. (no this isn't a weight loss newsletter nor will I ever promote something in the weight loss space directly, this newsletter is bigger than that - the bigger picture.)


Long story short, despite being knowledgeable about health and wellness I did everything wrong to lose this weight. Over exercising. Starvation...you name it. Now, I lost the weight (it didn't all stay off - damn you bread) but after that I began having problems. Hormonal issues, lethargy, fatigue, hair loss etc...I lost my drive...motivationally and sexually. I went to a normal doctor, like anyone would. After 15 minutes only, I was diagnosed with depression and given a prescription. A pill. After 15 mins. Without any questions relating to my lifestyle. Just questions of past medical history and symptoms. Wait what?

Plus it was a doctor I’d been to for years...and I still had to fill out a patient intake form. Like you don't have my stuff on file? Come on.

And this wasn't the only tell tale sign.

One night I had food poisoning so bad I almost died. Yes, I called the ambulance. And though I know it’s cheaper to go to urgent care and not use emergency services...it was the middle of the night.

They came, took me in, and hydrated me with fluids and pain medicine all night until my system was cleared. 

Fast forward 2 weeks and I received my first bill. It was astronomical. I mean in the thousands. 

But then I took a closer look and they didn’t have me marked as being covered by insurance...which I was at the time.

With a sigh of relief I called the administration office and corrected the issue. It was their mistake.

Fast forward another week later, the bill came again. Adjusted with insurance. 

But to my dismay and horrid surprise, the amount owed was even higher. For f**k sake.

So I called again. It wasn’t a mistake.

She said sometimes this happens. That the provider will issue a lower cost for services if someone is uninsured because at least they’ll be paid SOMETHING. Versus if someone is covered by insurance, they know they can get away with a higher amount. 

What? Different costs for the same service? That wasn’t disclosed to me beforehand?

Not to mention a subsequent concussion that although I didn't need it, the doc ran me through a CT scan that was $2000 and put me even further into debt, piling on top of my 2 advanced degrees...another long story. 

Enough is enough.

And plus, I’ve worked every position in the healthcare space. From coaching to business advising to managing insurance, and trust me, the ridiculousness goes even further than one might think.

And now that a pandemic has hit our world, people are beginning to change. Beginning to question the narrative. Beginning to question the way it’s always been done and demand more. Out of fear and also necessity. No other choice. Thus, I’m inspired to push this change forward and educate, advocate for, and join the rest of us who care in making this change because health doesn't sleep...you’ll always need some form of care or protection. You can’t escape it. So don’t let them swindle you. We as the consumer are posed to incite the greatest change.

We CAN change things. If we do it together. 

So I invite you to learn with me friends. Go on this ride with me to uncover the insights, the companies, the loopholes, the trends, and the secrets to changing your life, and your future for the better. And have a little fun along the way.


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